This is the story of a mom who was afraid of missing out on her baby's vaccine date but then found enough courage to use tech to solve it for Her!

Vaccine Schedule

Vaccine due dates may be forgotten easily and can prove costly in long run. Knowledge about vaccines is meagre in even educated parents. Know the WHEN and WHY about Vaccines and Check if your Vaccinations are UP-TO-Date.

Medical Records

Records get accumulated over years and keeping them at one place and tracking them is not easy. Retrieval when needed is also a challenge.

Communication and Health Tips

Communication between Pediatrician and Parents lack a personal touch. Updates and Notifications regarding health tips and 'Good to have' vaccines from your Paediatrician is always a service one would appreciate.

Not Easy

No Easy Way exists to outfit above problems in India.

15 Years of various Vaccinations

Vaccine Schedule for babies is spread over fifteen years. Keeping track of vaccination over years is tough. It gets missed easily. Kidiatric takes care of that for you.

25 Vaccine Types

There are over 25 vaccines that are give to your child. Its important to know what each does and their importance. Kidiatric tells you all of that and more.

100s Medical Records

In just 5 years of your parenting you'd have over a 100 medical Records. How do you even manage that?!

1 Solution

To do all of these, there is an app now!


"Keeping track of Vaccines and Medical records became very difficult when I gave birth to my second child when the elder one was only 2.5 years old. This is going to be VERY useful."

Simoli Mehta Working Mother of Two

"Accessing the prescriptions on phone while traveling is a great functionality! Reminder system is a boon for working Mothers"

Riya Mother of a 3 year old

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